“Finding Michael” streaming from 3rd March; Nimsdai Purja & Bear Grylls out there on Mt.Everest to recover Michael’s body

Finding Michael is a thrilling true-life adventure documentary directed by Tom Beard. The documentary is all about finding Michael Matthew by his younger brother Spencer Matthew, who travels to Mt. Everest in search of his brother, who went missing 23 years ago.

In 1999, Michael Matthews became the youngest British climber to reach the top of Mt. Everest, but he vanished three hours later and was never discovered. His younger brother Spencer Matthew, a broadcaster and entrepreneur, was just ten years old when Michael disappeared, and he struggled to accept his brother’s death. After 20 years, he received an unexpected image from another climber assuming that they had discovered Michael’s body. So, he decides to trek to Mt. Everest to recover his brother’s body back to his home and his family.

He recruited one of the best teams in the world, led by Nimsdai Purja, the record holder for summiting 14 of the highest peaks in the shortest time and the expedition’s team leader. He chats with Bear Grylls, a survival expert who himself had scaled Mt. Everest many years ago, before his journey. 

This one-minute 12-second-long trailer shows his mother hoping that her son’s body will be discovered. Man vs. Wild fame, Bear Grylls, and the 14 peak record holders Nimsdai Purja are the executive producers of this thrilling documentary. Finding Michael will be streaming on Disney+ Hotstar from March 3, 2023.

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