Say Goodbye to Hangovers: Tried and Tested Tips

We’ve all been there—waking up with a pounding headache, a dry mouth, and a feeling of regret after a night of drinking. While the best way to avoid a hangover is to drink in moderation or not at all, sometimes we may overindulge and need some relief. Here are some tips on how to cure a hangover after drinking:

  1. Hydrate: Alcohol dehydrates the body, so it’s essential to drink plenty of water before and after drinking. Dehydration can worsen hangover symptoms, so staying hydrated can help alleviate them.
  2. Get Some Rest: Alcohol affects the quality of sleep, which can leave you feeling tired and groggy in the morning. Try to get some extra sleep to help your body recover.
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast: Alcohol can upset the stomach and cause a drop in blood sugar levels. Eating a healthy breakfast that includes carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats can help stabilize blood sugar levels and provide essential nutrients for your body.
  4. Drink Some Coffee: While it’s important to stay hydrated, caffeine can help ease some of the symptoms of a hangover. Just be careful not to overdo it, as too much caffeine can worsen dehydration.
  5. Take a Pain Reliever: Over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or aspirin can help alleviate headaches and body aches caused by a hangover. Just be sure to follow the recommended dosage and avoid taking them on an empty stomach.
  6. Replenish Electrolytes: Alcohol can deplete the body of electrolytes, which are essential for proper bodily function. Drinking sports drinks or eating foods rich in electrolytes can help replenish them and ease hangover symptoms.
  7. Avoid Alcohol: While it may be tempting to have a beer with the dog that bit you, drinking more alcohol can actually worsen hangover symptoms. It’s best to avoid alcohol until your body has fully recovered.

While the best way to cure a hangover is to avoid overindulging in alcohol, these tips can help alleviate symptoms and help your body recover. Remember to stay hydrated, get some rest, and nourish your body with healthy food and drinks. With these tips, you can hopefully avoid the regretful morning after a night of drinking.

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