Hari Bansha delivers “Kauli” with a Message against Human Trafficking

Priyanka and Prakash were seen together for the first time in the video

Hari Bansha Acharya’s new danceable song “Kauli” has been launched. Shanti Shree Pariyar, a folk singer, accompanied him in the song “Kauli”, which is based on traditional rhythms. Acharya himself also appeared in the song’s video, with Prakash Saput and Priyanka Karki, who appeared together for the first time. The video of the song also tries to convey the message against Human Trafficking.

This song was directed by Saroj Oli, arranged by Shyam Shwet Rasaili, and choreographed by Gambhir Bista. According to Hari Bansha, he wrote this song on the anniversary of director Oli. “A year ago, I went to Hotel Tibet to participate in Saroj Bhai’s anniversary family gathering, ” Hari Bansha recalled. “Then suddenly, Kauli came out in my mouth.”

Then it took the form of a song. Acharya says that the song has become danceable for family and cultural events.

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